Whats the diffirence between shared server and VPS?

A VPS is dedicated to you only. All reseurs are dedicated to user and you also have administrative rights to install your own tools. Shared server means you have access to a pre-configured RDP with tools. The recourses areĀ  shared between all users. We put max 6 users on one server.

Can others see my files?

No one can see your files.

Are tools cracked?

All tools are licensed and updateable.

How to connect to my VPS?

You can connect to your VPS via Microsoft Remote Desktop service.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my SEO Plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your SEO plan. Please open a ticket and we will help you.

How to use the tools

Please always use the launcher (from desktop-> tools -> tool name)
To Update the tool, just click on the updater (from desktop -> tool name -> ** updater.exe)
If there is a problem please send us a screenshot of the problem and your full vps details (RDP IP, User and Password)

How long is the setup time?

Max 24 hours from your payment, usually takes a couple of hours.

Do you offer refunds?

All our services are non refundable. You can request a demo before buy. Please contact support.